Russia Says it Wishes to End Relationship with European Union

Russia has said it is ready to leave the European Union after relations between the two fell to a new low last week.

EU foreign policy chief Joesp Borrell met with Russian foreign affairs minister Sergey Lavrov in a meeting that has since been called “humiliating” by political analysts. 

Lavrov would call the EU “unreliable” during Borrell’s visit in a press conference that Borrell described as “aggressively staged”. Three EU diplomats would also be expelled from Russia in connection with Russian national Alexei Navalny, which Borrell would learn about via Twitter during a meeting.

Lavrov said that Russia’s plans to leave the EU are mostly due to preparations for further COVID restrictions, saying that “If you want peace, then prepare for war.” 

EU lawmakers were not pleased with commentary from the Russian foreign affairs minister, with Borrell saying that “Russian authorities did not want to seize this opportunity to have a more constructive dialogue with the EU.”

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