Controversial Abortion Bill Passed by New Mexico Senate

Thursday, the New Mexico Senate voted 25-17 on a bill which, if passed, will repeal the dormant 1969 abortion law. 

The 1969 law allows medical termination of pregnancy only in cases of rape reported to the police, incest, danger to the woman’s health, and indications of medical defects in the fetus.

The law has been dormant since 1973 when SCOTUS decided Roe v. Wade, a decision which takes precedence over state laws on abortion. However, if Roe V. Wade is successfully overturned, the law will become active again. This is why it was crucial that the bill passed.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, in a statement about the bill, said “This is a simple bill. And it is powerful in its simplicity. It affirms a woman’s self-evident autonomy over her own body. And it ensures no healthcare provider in our state may be criminalized for providing healthcare.”

Having been passed by the Senate, the bill will continue to the State House where it has already gained popularity.

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