Tokyo Olympics President, Yoshiro Mori, to Resign

Japanese media reported that Olympic chief Yoshiro Mori has expressed plans to resign after making derogatory remarks about women. despite refusing to do so previously.

The Fuji News Network first reported on his resignation which was confirmed by other Japanese media outlets that Mori planned to resign by Friday. 

Mori earlier said on Feb. 3 that meetings with women tend to become longer because they talk too much. 

“Women are competitive — if one member raises their hand to speak, others might think they need to talk too. If you want to increase female membership, you would be in trouble unless you put time limits in place,” said Mori. 

Mori eventually retracted his statement and apologized the day after facing backlash but said he had no intentions of resigning.

To further protest his unwillingness to step down, more than 146,000 people signed an online petition calling on him to step down and nearly 500 Olympic volunteers withdrew last week.

Mori and the Olympic committee have not yet released a statement or comment regarding the issue.

There are rumors that Saburo Kawabuchi, an 84-year-old former head of the Japan Football Association may take Mori’s place once he officially resigns.

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