New Video From Capitol Riot Sparks Debate as Day 2 of Trump Impeachment Proceedings Close

Impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump have heated up following the release of new video footage from the Capitol riots on January 6.

The video footage included police being brutally beaten by protesters, protesters brandishing weapons, and even a few key Senators and Representatives fleeing for their lives.

Footage of Senator Chuck Shumer and his security detail could be seen fleeing from rioters. Senator Mitt Romney was  only a few feet from running into an angry mob, before being saved by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman who directed Romney to safety. 

Romney would go on to thank the officer, while also calling the footage “overwhelmingly distressing and emotional”. Senator Shumer implored GOP representatives to keep an open mind while listening to the presentations on what Shumer called a “gut-wrenching case”.

Impeachment managers also spent time today laying out the time line of the Capitol riot. Nearly every moment of the riot was broken down, with associated footage to help cement time and context. Managers then attempted to link online coordination of the riot with Trump’s speech, suggesting that Trump used specific language intended to incite the riots.

The House impeachment managers would close the day by affirming that Trump intentionally incited rioters and was the only individual who could call for a stop to the riot once it had began. 

House impeachment manager Joaquin Castro noted that Trump made Vice President Pence a target during his speech, repeating the former President’s tweets on the Senate floor. Castro then played multiple news broadcasts of GOP lawmakers asking Trump to call off the riots on January 6. Castro would close his statements by asking, “How simple would it have been to give a simple command, stop, leave. This was a dereliction of duty, plain and simple.”

GOP Senators and Representatives noted that the videos were shocking, but few thought that they would sway Republican lawmakers to vote in favor of impeachment. 

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina estimated that there would be 6 Republican votes to impeach “at best” in statements he made to the press. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said that Trump only bore “some responsibility” while former Trump attorney Bruce Castor said that Democrats failed to connect the riot videos to Trump’s actions.

Impeachment Managers will have a total of 16 hours to present their case against former President Trump by tomorrow evening. Friday will mark the beginning of opening arguments for the defense, though this could potentially take place on Sunday if arguments proceed later than expected. 

Successful impeahment woill require a two-thirds majority in order to impeach Trump, requiring 67 votes total.

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