Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Sectors Hard Hit by COVID says UN FAO

Global fisheries and aquaculture operations struggle as further lockdowns threaten supply and demand according to a report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Fish supply, consumption and trade revenue for 2020 is expected to decline, with global aquaculture falling by 1.3%. This is the first fall recording for the fishing industry “in several years” according to

The fall in the fish industry is a direct result of COVID-19 lockdowns. Limitations on consumer spending, restaurant/hotel closures and supply chain interruptions are all cited as causes for the downturn.

The fish sector was climbing year after year prior to the pandemic, with 2018 seeing a record production of 179 million tonnes. Average consumption of fish per person per year has risen to 20 kilos over the last decade.

The FAO has called for disruptive trade and border restrictions on food security to be minimized, as well as calling for regional organizations to cooperate to manage and protect fisheries for the duration of the pandemic.

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