UK Threatens Heavy Fines and 10 Year Jail Sentences for Quarantine Violations

New travel restrictions imposed by UK lawmakers could result in up to a 10-year maximum jail sentence along with a fine of up to £10,000.

UK citizens traveling to countries placed on a “red list” must stay in a hotel for a mandated 10-day quarantine upon their return, with an estimated cost of £1,750. Failing to quarantine would result in a fine of anywhere between £5,000 and £10,000. 

UK citizens would only be subject to the 10-year maximum jail sentence if they were to falsify travel documents.

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated that British public “would expect strong action” and that the maximum sentence should reflect that. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the hotel plan “measured” and “proportionate”.

Former UK lawmakers spoke out against the new travel guidelines, with former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption noting that lower sentences are given for sex offenders.

Sumption would go further to say that Secretary Schapps had “lost his connection with reality” according to BBC News.

The UK has imposed these restrictions following the nation’s first round of COVID vaccine testing. Politicians and medical professionals are concerned that outside strains of the virus may complicate vaccination testing.

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