U.S. Braces for Polar Vortex

A polar vortex descends across the United States, bringing dangerously cold temperatures at the northern part of the country and developing a series of winter storms.

Harsh cold temperatures have been reported across the northern tier due to a shift in the polar vortex from the Arctic.

“Arctic air is going to remain entrenched over much of the North Central states into this weekend,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski reported, adding that the Arctic air will get more “extensive” as it lunges into the South Central states and through the Northeast.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Mary Gilbert reported that several parts across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast can experience temperatures as low as 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 to -3.8 degrees Celsius).

CNN Weather reported that a series of storms is expected to move across the Midwest and into the Northeast through this weekend due to the polar vortex, potentially leaving behind six to 12 inches of snow across the Mid-Atlantic.

The Weather Prediction Center of the National Weather Station has alerted that a winter storm “will likely produce significant ice accumulation from the mid-Mississippi Valley to the Ohio & Tennessee Valleys from late Tuesday night into Thursday.”

According to CNN Weather, ice in some cities, including Louisville, Kentucky; Evansville, Indiana; and Springfield, Missouri, could accumulate “as much as half to three-quarters of an inch.”

“This winter storm will be the one that could potentially pose the most danger for people,” CNN Meteorologist Michael Guy warns.

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