Myanmar Pro-Democracy Protests Continue on its 5th Day, US to Take Action

Myanmar’s pro-democracy protests have continued despite the violent dispersal methods being used by the Burmese police.

On Feb. 9, police resorted to using rubber baton rounds against the protesters which left one Female protester fighting for her life after getting hit in the head.

Rights groups claimed that the woman’s injury was consistent with live ammunition wound patterns.

Burmese state media defended that the police were forced to use rubber bullets after the protesters allegedly threw bricks and stones at them during the protests.

“The use of disproportionate force against demonstrators is unacceptable,” said Ola Almgren, the U.N. representative in Myanmar.

Signs that authorities might use greater force to suppress the protests are growing after gatherings were banned, curfews were implemented, and military personnel was being deployed to the backlines of the protest barricades. 

Burmese social media users are also reporting that the police are heavily arming themselves despite the peaceful nature of the protests.

@pyaekhaingoo posted a photo on Twitter that a police officer was armed with an M23 machine gun (RPD variant) during the protests. 

The US State Department announced that it was already considering assistance to Myanmar to ensure those responsible for the coup faced “significant consequences”.

“We repeat our calls for the military to relinquish power, restore democratically elected government, release those detained and lift all telecommunication restrictions and to refrain from violence,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

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