UK to Continue Arms Sales to Saudi Despite US Suspension

The United Kingdom has authorized its £1.4 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia after it did not join the United States on its suspension of its arms deal with the Kingdom.

UK Foreign Office minister James Cleverly, said “The decisions the US takes on matters of arms sales are decisions for the US.”

“The UK takes its own arms export responsibilities very seriously, and we continue to assess all arms export licenses in accordance with strict licensing criteria,” he added. 

The UK-based Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) spokesperson Sarah Waldron said, “UK-made weapons have played a devastating role in the Saudi-led attacks on Yemen, and the humanitarian crisis they have created, yet the UK government has done everything it can to keep the arms sales flowing.”

She added, that the UK must “change course now” and work towards peace.

This follows  President Joe Biden’s announcement that the US will cease supporting Saudi on offensive operations in the Yemen war, which includes arms sales. 

The UK government resumed licensing arms exports in July.

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