Surfacing Japanese Submarine Collides With Commercial Ship

The Japan Maritime Seld-Defense Force Submarine Soryu collided with a Hong Kong commercial ship while attempting to surface, causing extensive damage to the Submarine. 

The collision took place in the Pacific Ocean just off the western main island Shikoku.

The collision left three Soryu crew members with minor injuries and damaged the Submarine’s communications equipment which led to the incident being reported over three hours late. Also damaged was part of the submarine’s 84-meter-long conning tower and the starboard hydroplane.

As it resurfaced, Soryu scraped the hull of the commercial ship, Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier Ocean Artemis. According to Coast Guard Officials, the commercial ship reported no damage.

The vessel will be sent to Kobe Port at Hyogo Prefecture, the coast guard regional headquarters, where officials will check to see if there is any damage to the hull.

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