Olympic Volunteers Resign Over Committee President’s Sexist Remarks

About 440 games volunteers withdraw from the olympic after the sexist remarks of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee President Yoshiro Mori.

While, the committee has received more than 5,500 complaints regarding Mori’s comments, according to local media. The public has also asked him to resign but he said he would not step down from his post.

Mori has been criticized after he said that meetings with female participants take a long time, and they “get competitive” with each other. 

Meanwhile, on February 4 he apologized in a press conference and said, “I don’t listen to women that much lately so I don’t know.”

Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto said that they have been taking the resignation of the volunteers seriously.

“We are taking this very seriously,” he said, according to a report. 

Around 140,000 signatures of the online petition to have an action for his remarks. Despite the issue, the number of the volunteers who have withdrawn, there were still 80,000 who were to stay.

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