Large Fire Breaks Out at N-Ergie Plant in Nuremburg

A large fire has broken out at the N-ERGIE Corporation power plant in Germany’s Franconia region which prompted local authorities to declare a state of emergency.

At least 120 firefighters responded to the fire and spent two hours trying to extinguish it.

No injuries have been reported but the plant was forced to undergo a temporary shutdown.

N-ERGIE’s plant normally supplies the districts of Röthenbach and Gebersdorf with district heating and hot water through 1,150 connection points.

Due to the temporary shutdown, N-ERGIE advised its customers to use resources sparingly due to the current extreme cold weather in Germany.

“Until N-ERGIE’s fitters have set up the transitional supply using mobile heat sources, district heating customers can make a decisive contribution to limiting the effects of the temporary bottleneck: Despite the low outside temperatures, N-ERGIE asks all customers on the district heating network to use their heating – and to reduce hot water requirements to a minimum,” announced N-ERGIE.

N-ERGIE explained that the plant in the Sandreuth district could not compensate for the load the Franconia plant supplies regularly.

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