Hacktivists Attack Local DNS Systems In Sri Lanka

Unidentified hacktivists have hacked the DNS records of several Sri Lankans (.lk) websites over the weekend and redirected users to a web page detailing various social issues in the country.

“An issue with the .LK Domain Registration System arose early in the morning of Saturday, February 6th, which affected a few domains registered in .LK. This issue was attended to expeditiously, and the matter was resolved by approx. 8.30 a.m,” reported NIC.lk, Sri Lanka’s top-level domain administrator.

Even Google.lk and Oracle.lk were also reported as victims of the DNS poisoning.

Upon opening the Google.lk page, users were taken to a site captioned “Really Freedom?”  with links to issues regarding tea plantation labor, freedom of the press, corruption, and racial, minority, and religious tensions.

ZDNet has posted a screenshot of the said page that has already been taken down by Sri Lankan authorities. 

The attacks were posted two days after Sri Lanka’s national day and coincided with the mass protests that were held over the weekend. 

The attacks only lasted a few hours and went mostly unnoticed until some users tweeted about it.

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