Fifty-Three Dead and 29 Injured in Cameroon Bus Crash

Fifty-three people are dead with 29 others seriously injured in West Cameroon after a collision which happened on Wednesday between a truck and a bus containing flammable liquid.

The accident had occurred at 3 a.m. at the Cliff of Dschang, in Santchou village.

“This is quite an unfortunate incident that occurred at night, this goes on to highlight the issue of night trips that is favored by some inter-urban passenger transport companies and also the need for their supervision”, said Cameroon’s transport Minister, Jean Ernest Masses Ngalle Bibehe.

The Minister said an investigation will be started to establish responsibilities and the appropriate measures will be taken. He further expressed his condolence to the the families affected.

The bus had belonged to Menoua Voyages an Inter-urban travel agency that operated on the region. 

According to the Cameroon state media CRTV, the  injured people had included children that were taken to Dschang District Hospital.

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