Burmese Security Forces Fire Rubber Bullets and Warning Shots Against Pro-Democracy Protesters

Burmese Police have fired live rounds in the air and rubber bullets into protesters as pro-democracy demonstrations continued for the fourth day in Myanmar.

Footage on social media showed people running, with the sound of sporadic gunfire in the distance.

A doctor from the  Naypyitaw hospital said he was treating four wounded, possibly by rubber bullets fired by the police with one woman in critical condition after getting hit in the head. 

Before the rubber bullets were fired, the police were reportedly using water cannons against the protesters who retaliated by throwing stones.

In Mandalay city, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters and arrested at least 27 people.

The military government has also banned gatherings of more than five people in cities where protests were ongoing and issued a nationwide curfew.

The military government warned on their state television network MRTV that “democracy can be destroyed”  by alleged people who “harm the state’s stability, public safety, and the rule of law.” 

Burmese Commander in Chief Min Aung Hlaing earlier called on protesters to “focus on the facts and not be carried away by emotions.”

Despite the protests, the military government still maintained that detained civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi won by fraudulent means to justify their coup. 

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