Airspeeder Hopes to Launch Flying Racing Car Series

Racing company Airspeeder hopes to bring racing to the skies with the launch of their new MK3 model of air speeder.

The electrically powered MK3 will be tested in the upcoming 2021 season, which plans to race the speeders at excess of 120 km/h. Initial races will be conducted via remote control with pilots remaining on the ground.

Big name racing icons like McLaren and Jaguar have assisted in the designs of the vehicles, as well as aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Company fonder Matt Pearson is excited to launch the racing season for the air speeders, claiming that he wants the races to feel like pod racing from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. 

Beyond racing, Pearson and his company want to help bring electric vertical-takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles into the consumer market. 

According to Airspeeder, the introduction of eVTOL technology could “revolutionize urban passenger mobility, logistics, and even remote medical transport.”

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