Telegram Becomes Most Downloaded App, WhatsApp Slips to Fifth Place

The mobile chat app Telegram becomes the most downloaded non-game app for iOS and Android devices for January 2021.

A report published by Sensor Tower, a mobile app research group, found that Telegram had jumped from its 9th place spot in December of 2020 to be the most downloaded app across all platforms at the beginning of 2021. 

To date Telegram has been downloaded 63 million times, up 3.8 times its download count from January of 2020. 

This knocks WhatsApp from its spot as the number one downloaded chat platform, bringing WhatsApp to 7th place on the Apple App Store and 6th place on the Google Play Store.

Recent compromises made by WhatsApp regarding user privacy may be fueling this change, as WhatsApp has experienced massive virtual walkouts from its user base. 

TikTok remained number 2 on both lists, with a healthy 62 million installs. Only 10 percent of these installs were from US markets, with 17 percent of the installs coming from its Chinese version, Douyin. 

Zoom fell in the app rankings, sliding from the number 5 slot down to the number 8 slot for the App Store and 7 for the Play Store. 

Analysts believe this is likely due to users already having the app installed on their phones, causing download numbers to plummet. 

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