Man Killed by Cannon at Baby Shower Gender Reveal

A 26-year-old Michigan man was fatally wounded after a cannon exploded during a baby shower on Saturday, said the local authorities.

According to the Michigan State Police (MSP), Evan Thomas Silva, the victim, was attending a baby shower held by a couple from Genesee County.

Lt. Liz Rich said the expectant parents were attempting to mark the occasion by firing a small, celebratory cannon when the device blew up, sending shrapnel flying “in all different directions.”

After getting seriously injured in the chest with metal shrapnel, the man was hurriedly taken to the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, where he later on passed away.

Police said the metal shards flew as far as 25 feet, damaging three parked cars, as well as the garage at the home in Gaines Township.

“The cannon is designed to create a big flash, a loud noise and create smoke,” the investigators said in a press release. “The cannon did not contain any projectiles, but it is suspected that the gun powder loaded into the device caused the cannon to fracture, resulting in shrapnel being spread in the area.”

MSP said the case would be forwarded to the Genesee County Prosecutor for review following a thorough investigation into the accident.

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