Internet, Phone, and Power Disconnected in Myanmar amid Recent Coup

Burmese citizens are reporting that all internet, phone, and powerlines have been disconnected by the military amid a now week-long coup.

“ALL INTERNET CONNECTIONS CUT OFF IN MYANMAR (my country). PROTESTERS ARE BEING HALTED BY THE MILITARY AND POLICE. THESE ARE THE LAST IMAGES WE IN OTHER COUNTRIES RECIEVED. I need to let the world know, please tell me what I should do to achieve that. subreddits I can post, steps I can take etc,” posted one user from Myanmar on Reddit. 

According to various posts on Twitter, all lines have been cut while the military government has reportedly ordered martial law. 

” #Myanmar is now in the midst of a second nation-scale internet blackout as of ~10:00 a.m. Saturday local time; real-time network data show national connectivity falling to 54% of ordinary levels as users report difficultly getting online,” said Netblocks. 

As of writing, Myanmar based domains (.mm) are inaccessible while some Burmese social media accounts are still active. 

The US embassy in Myanmar also reported that connections were sporadic in their recent bulletin. 

“Internet and cellular service, including mobile data, calling, and SMS, have been sporadic or unavailable most of the day.  Outages may persist through the end of the weekend.  If you have a connection, contact loved ones to let them know your status,” said the US embassy. 

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