Sweden, Denmark Plan to Develop Digital Vaccination Certificates for Travel

Sweden and Denmark have announced their respective plans on developing digital vaccination certificates for foreign travel purposes and potentially for other reasons as well.

Both Nordic countries have said that the digital certificates, which would serve as proof that an individual has received a vaccine against COVID-19, would be designed to allow citizens to travel abroad and possibly to also allow attending gatherings like sports or cultural events.

“When Sweden and countries around us start to open up our societies again, vaccination certificates are likely to be required for travel and possibly for taking part in other activities,” Swedish Digital Development Minister Anders Ygeman said at press conference on Feb. 4.

“With a digital vaccine certificate, it will be quick and easy to prove a completed vaccination,” Ygeman also said.

“The goal is for the corona passport to contribute to a gradual, sound, and appropriate reopening in Denmark,” the Danish government said in a statement released on Feb. 3.

“The government is therefore quickly launching a solution that can be used in connection with travel, and will also investigate the possibility of making a digital corona pass that can be used in several contexts,” Danish Acting Finance Minister Morten Bødskov said, describing being able to restart Danish society as “absolutely crucial.”

The Danish government hopes to have the certificate in place in late February while the Swedish government hopes to have it by June.

Both countries have also said that they are working to make the digital certificates match the standards and requirements of the World Health Organization and the European Union.

Last January, European Council President Charles Michel said that the circumstances in which digital vaccination certificates can be used will be determined “at a later stage.”

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