Two Foreign Nationals Kidnapped in Colombia

An unidentified armed group has kidnapped two foreigners in Paez, Cauca in Southern Colombia.

The mayor of Páez, Arbey Velasco said that the hostages were reported to be a Colombian-Italian and a Colombian-Canadian who were buying fruit inside an indigenous reserve in Paez. 

Despite the identification of the nationalities of the hostages, Colombian authorities along with Italy and Canada have not disclosed any identities or personal information.

Colombian authorities said that a search is already underway with help from the Indigenous Guard.

“A group that is active in the region has them and, at this moment, authorities are conducting a permanent search to locate these two foreigners who disappeared last weekend, ” said Cauca Government Secretary Luis Cornelio Angulo.

The group responsible for the kidnapping were believed to be members of the so-called Dagoberto Ramos Front, a FARC dissident group operating in the area. 

Colombian authorities said that they had information that the group has already plans to kidnap tourists and put up fake GPS pins in the area to trick them into areas where they could be abducted. 

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