Texas Accidentally Posts Emergency Amber Alert for Chucky and Glen, Child’s Play Characters

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) accidentally sent out an Amber Alert for Chucky, the killer doll, in an apparent “test malfunction” on Friday January 29.

The alert identified Chucky as a 28 year old male with red/auburn hair, blue eyes, standing at 3’1″, wearing denim overalls and a multi-colored striped shirt. Chucky is the main antagonist in the hit film series Child’s Play.

The alert also included that Chucky had abducted Glen, a 5 year old child standing 2’3″, wearing a blue shirt with a black collar when reported missing. Glen is another character from the Child’s Play series, and is Chucky’s son, first appearing in Bride of Chucky.

The amber alert was broadcast 3 times on January 29 before Texas officials caught the mistake. 

The Texas DPS has since apologized for the incident, and any confusion that the alerts might have caused residents.

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