Amazon to Add Surveillance Cameras to All Delivery Vehicles

Amazon partners with Driveri by Netradyne to install always-on AI-powered cameras in its delivery vehicles.

In a Vimeo post last week, Karolina Haraldsdottir, Amazon’s senior manager for last-mile safety, explained how the cameras work and gave details about the partnership with Netradyne.

The cameras will be on 100% of the time, but Haraldsdottir says there is no live video footage as the camera only uploads footage if an accident or the driver’s action triggers any of the 16 signals the AI tracks. Driver’s are allowed to turn off the camera when the ignition is off and can manually upload footage if there’s something they want the monitoring team to take note of.

Haraldsdottir says the goals are to reduce collisions and hold drivers accountable for mistakes. Ultimately, amazon seeks to improve driver safety and experience.

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