U.S. Moves Aircraft Carrier Group Out of Persian Gulf on Easing of Iran Tensions

United States President Joe Biden’s administration has decided to withdraw an aircraft carrier out of the Gulf which was deemed by many as an indication of the government’s potential inclination of easing the country’s military impasse with Iran to the Indo-Pacific Command region.

John Kirby, a spokesman for Pentagon, announced on Tuesday that the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group had left the US military’s Central Command in the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific Command region.

Kirby was not able to confirm reports regarding the Nimitz’s return to the United States after spending nine months at the sea.

He also said that after the U.S. military presence in Gulf had been increased by Trump administration in the Gulf, the Biden administration has not seen keeping the carrier.

“We don’t make decisions like this lightly,” Kirby said.

According to the Pentagon spokesman, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin strongly believes “that we have a robust presence in the Middle East to respond.”

“The secretary was mindful of the larger geo-strategic picture when he approved the movement of the carrier strike group from the Central Command area of responsibility to the Indo PACOM area of responsibility,” he added.

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