Trump Attorney Lin Wood is Under Investigation by Georgia Secretary of State for Illegal Voting

Georgia officials have launched an investigation into Trump attorney L. Lin Wood regarding potential voter fraud. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office suspects that Wood may not have been a legal resident in the state where he cast his ballot.

The investigation began when Wood sent an email to WSB-TV stating that he had been living in South Carolina for several months after purchasing a home there. 

Wood has denied such a move, and claimed that he had not submitted paperwork until last Monday to make the change of residence.

“I’ve always been a resident of the state of Georgia until I declared the change of residency yesterday to South Carolina. I never considered myself domiciled in 2020 anywhere than Georgia,” said Wood in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday.

Wood was one of the chief voices of dissent during the election, and was a large contributor in the lawsuit that sought to overturn Georgia’s election results in late 2020.

Wood alleged that Georgia’s voting procedures were unlawful and had engaged in a form of voter fraud. Two previous lawsuits filed by Wood have since been rejected by appellate courts, both of which involved potential voter fraud.

This is not the first round of bad publicity for the attorney, Wood was recently permanently banned from Twitter as a result of the Capitol riots last month. Twitter justified the ban, saying that Wood had incited violence with his account. 

Mercer University, Wood’s alma mater, has discussed removing his name from their school courtroom after an outcry from both students and alumni.

Wood still maintains that he voted legally, and that the investigation is a “sham”.

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