British-Iranian Academic Facing Jail Term in Iran Escapes

A British academic born in Iran has managed to escape his jail term, as he traveled the mountains on foot.

Kameel Ahmady fled to London while on bail, after he was given a nine-year prison sentence and spending almost three months in Iran’s Evin prison.

Ahmady was an anthropologist studying child marriage and female genital mutilation in Iran, when he was accused of “working for a hostile government.”

Speaking about leaving Iran, Ahmady told the BBC, “I had to leave behind everything I loved, I worked for, all my human connections. It was so sad and scary. If I got arrested, I would have been back before the judge, and God knows what other scenarios that would be.”

Authorities have seen Ahmady as a target since he campaigned to raise the age of girls entering child marriages in Iran from 13 to 15 and because of his dual nationality.

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