U.S. State Department issues Tanzania COVID Travel Warning

The US State Department advises citizens to reconsider travel to Tanzania due to concerns regarding COVID-19 as well as terrorism and threats to members of the LGBTQI community.

As of January 28, 2021, all air passengers entering the US will require either a negative COVID test that has taken place within three days of travel, or proof that they have recovered from the virus within the past 90 days.

Tanzania has yet to release any aggregate numbers on COVID-19 cases or deaths. The country also is not enforcing social distancing procedures, or the use of masks, which has significantly elevated the risk of contraction. The US Embassy in Tanzania advises all US citizens to practice extreme caution and to limit the number of individuals in ones home.

In addition to COVID concerns, the US State Department advises citizens to use general caution when in Tanzania due to rising terrorist threats. These attacks may target embassies, police stations, mosques, or areas that are frequented by Westerners. 

Members of the LGBTQI community may be more likely to be targeted as victims of violent crime, as well as subject to harassment by local law enforcement. Those suspected of same-sex conduct may be forced to comply with an anal examination.

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