It’s Six More Weeks of Winter after ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ Sees Shadow

Pennsylvania’s famous groundhog emerged from his hole earlier today to provide the world with his yearly prediction. According to Phil, we have six more weeks of winter in store for us.

Members of Phil’s “inner circle” of groundhog handlers offered words of hope and a sense of looking forward to the future. 

One member of the circle called for a warm and beautiful spring that will follow the end of winter in 2021. Another member of Phil’s posse acknowledged the trials of 2020 and likened them to Groundhog Day, saying that today was a day that signals the end of the cycle, and calling for things to move forward.

To date, Phil has had a 50 percent success rate on predicting the length of winter. 

Phil was correct last year, having not seen his shadow and calling for a shorter winter. So far, Phil has called for a longer winter a total of 104 times since 1887.

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