Google Pays $3.8 Million to Settle Hiring Discrimination Claims

Google has agreed to pay $1.35 million to 2,565 female employees in their Engineering Department in a settlement that has been ongoing since 2017.

This suit was the result of a routine compliance evaluation conducted by the US Department of Labor. 

Pay disparities were observed within the company’s Mountain View and Kirkland facilities, and hiring rate discrepancies that targeted female and Asian applicants.

The settlement terms found in the ERCA requires Google to make the payment to affected employees. Each affected employee will receive $526 from the settlement amount.  

The tech giant must also pay $1.23 million to both female and Asian job applicants, which totals to a little under 4,000 individuals. Each of these individuals will receive $413 as a result of the settlement.

Google has also agreed to set aside $1.25 million for pay equity adjustments for the Mountain View and Kirkland facilities.

The company has formally denied any of the violations, but has stated they are pleased to put the matter to rest. 

The Department of Labor will not audit Google’s 39 locations for the next five years, provided that Google complies with the conditions set forth in today’s settlement.

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