Dutch Court Orders Shell Nigeria to Pay For Damage Resulting from Oil Pipeline Spills

A Dutch Court has ordered the Nigerian subsidiary of SHELL to pay compensations to farmers over oil spills in Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

“Shell Nigeria is sentenced to compensate farmers for damages” the court said in its ruling. 

The amount of compensation will be  established at a later date and the court did not specify how many of the farmers will receive compensation. 

Shell’s Netherlands based parent company was not directly held responsible.

Shell said it continues to believe the spills were caused by sabotage, adding that it was surprised that its Nigerian subsidiary – Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) was found to be liable for the spill.  

“We are disappointed that this court has made a different  finding on the cause of these spills and it it’s finding that SPDC is liable”, the company said in a statement.

Editors Note: Story “SHELL-NIGERIA-JUDGEMENT” corrected on 02.02.2021 09:34

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