CDC Study Finds Just 38% of Frontline Nursing Home Healthcare Workers Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Only 38% of nursing home staff have accepted the latest round of COVID-19 vaccinations according to a recent CDC study.

The CDC believes this is due to a misunderstanding about the vaccine, as well as a lack of confidence about the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

Prior polling data suggests that fear of side effects is another common reason health care workers do not accept the vaccine.

Nursing home residents have had a much higher rate of vaccination, with 78 percent of residents having received at least one shot. The data was pulled from over 11,000 long-term care facilities around the US in late December and early January of 2021.

Medical professionals and workers who administer the vaccine have noted an increase in reception on secondary visits. Other experts have been hard at work dispelling rumors, like that the vaccine causes a decrease in fertility among women as one example.

The current available vaccinations were approved at the end of December 2020 and are now available to all health care workers who wish to receive them. Citizens may also receive the vaccine from their local pharmacy.

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