Xiaomi sues the U.S. Department of Defense and the Treasury to Blacklisting

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has sued US agencies and officials to have their name removed from Washington’s blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies.

Xiaomi has filed a complaint against the Department of Defense, the Treasury Department, defense secretary Lloyd Austin, and Treasury secretary Janet Yellen at a Washington district court last week.

Xiaomi said in the complaint that they were not being controlled by Beijing, and said an investment ban would cause “immediate and irreparable harm” to their company.

“By cutting off Xiaomi from U.S. capital markets, the Designation and related restrictions will damage the company’s ability to conduct, grow and finance its business, sell its products, maintain and grow its business relationships, and recruit and retain employees,” said Xiaomi’s complaint.

The US Treasury last week extended the deadline for the ban to take effect to May 27 after Xiaomi was added on January 15th this year.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has not said whether it will keep the ban but there are ongoing tensions and condemnation of China’s Uighur repression which could make the ban final.

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