UK Police Arrest Five People After Migrant Home Fire

Following the fire at the Napier Barracks last week, Kent Police have now arrested five, including one who allegedly assaulted a security guard. 

The police have taken into custody four others for alleged involvement in the fire at the former military barracks which now houses asylum seekers. 

Authorities believe that the fire was started intentionally after the Home Office said there was a disturbance in the site. 

A Home Office spokesperson said, “This was a deliberate attack that put lives at risk. There are formal investigations taking place and the police have made arrests.”

The Home Office also said that the disturbance was caused, after asylum seekers were not being transferred amid a coronavirus outbreak in the area.

Secretary of State for the Home Department Priti Patel said that the incident was “deeply offensive to the taxpayers of this country who are providing this accommodation while asylum claims are being processed.”

Meanwhile charity organization Care4Calais on Monday wrote on Facebook, “Over 250 people are trapped in Napier Barracks – cold, tired and confused. Many are sick with Covid and have no medical support. They feel abandoned.” 

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