Iran Denounces German Suppliers of Saddam Hussein’s Chemical Weapons

Iran held that Germany should hold all entities who provided chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein’s government responsible.

Iran’s ambassador to the UN Esmaeil Baghaei Hamaneh said, “Iran will never back down from pursuing Germany’s crime of arming Saddam with chemical weapons,” speaking at the UN Disarmament Conference Meeting in Geneva.

“All real and legal entities that in any way participated in arming the former Iraqi dictator with chemical weapons are complicit in Saddam’s war crimes,” Hamaneh said, Fars News Agency reported.

The ambassador added that Iran expects the German government to relay to the public the results of its research and the role of its officials “in terms of negligence and guilt” in providing illegal chemical weapons to the former Iraqi government under Hussein.

The eight-year Iran-Iraq war in 1980 has seen more than 500,000 deaths from both sides.

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