Neo-Nazis Flock to Tourist Town in Victoria, Australia

Members of Nazi group National Socialist Network visited the Grampians region and the town of Halls Gap in Western Victoria, Australia leaving locals terrified.

The group reportedly sang Waltzing Matilda, performing Nazi salutes and getting drunk while shouting ‘white power’.

“They had heard them yelling out ‘white pride’ over and over, and then they were chanting ‘Ku Klux Klan’ over and over, then ‘white power’, then there were these ‘Heil Hitlers’ over the course of two-and-a-half hours,” said Halls Gap resident Luke Baker.

Other residents and tourists also posted on social media stickers bearing the name and logo of the group that was left around town. 

Victoria Police said the group composed of around 30 members and is being investigated.

“Neo-Nazi ideologies and rallies are alive and well in Victoria, and these homegrown SS soldiers, who dream of a Fourth Reich with an Australian Hitler at the helm, are a clear and present danger, agitating for a racial war and recruiting like-minded bigots,” said Chairman of civil rights organization the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission Dr. Dvir Abramovich. 

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