Brazilian Trucking Unions Call For National Strike

Brazil’s National Confederation of Transport and Logistics Workers (CNTTL) called on their colleagues to hold a strike on February 1 in protest of low freight prices set by the government, high fuel prices,  and poor working conditions.

The movement was started by the National Council for Road Freight Transport (CNTRC) and supported by the 22 groups such as the Autonomous Transporters of Brazil (ANTB) and the Federação Única dos Petroleiros (FUP).

The president of the ANTB José Roberto Stringasci said that they expect at least 2 million truck drivers from 18 different states to join the call. 

CNTTL spokesman Carlos Alberto Litti Dahmer said that minimum freight prices were not enough to offset rising costs, including parts replacements including tires which increased by 60% in value. 

“We will cross our arms on the first of February. The minimum freight price equates to hunger,” said Dahmer. 

Aside from freight rates, the transport groups criticized the readjustment of fuels with the import parity price (PPI), which is based on international oil prices.

A similar strike was held three years ago and paralyzed the Brazilian economy and was only solved by creating a minimum freight table.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that he could lower diesel costs with tax breaks in response to the planned strike. 

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