UK Offers Financial Incentives to EU Citizens Under ‘Voluntary Return’

The United Kingdom is now offering financial assistance to EU citizens, who want to leave for their home country.

Under the ‘voluntary return’ the UK government says, “If you’re eligible for financial support, you can apply for up to £2,000 which you can use to find somewhere to live, find a job or start a business in your home country,” in its website.

The voluntary return arrangement was put up to assist migrants in the country who are willing to leave the UK.

Benjamin Morgan, of the EEA homeless rights project at the Public Interest Law Centre said, “This mixed messaging around settled status on the one hand and voluntary returns on the other, seriously undermines the government’s claim that the rights of vulnerable Europeans will be protected after Brexit.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Home Office said that this is in consideration to some citizens who do not wish to stay in the UK post-Brexit.

“That is why we have written to stakeholders to inform them that EEA nationals who wish to leave the UK may now be eligible for support to help them do so under the voluntary returns scheme,” the spokesperson said.

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