Italian Prime Minister Conte Resigns amid Intensifying COVID-19 Crisis

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has decided to tender his resignation on Tuesday, in a move that aims to address the escalating political instability as the whole country continued to battle against the ongoing brutal recession and the grueling effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the presidential palace’s statement, the premier handed over his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday morning after informing the ministers regarding his decision during a cabinet meeting.

Conte’s resignation is seen as a political gamble so that he can stay in office by building a new ruling coalition.

The move comes after Conte was able to survive two confidence votes in the parliament last week. However, he lost his governing majority in the senate after his predecessor and centrist ally Matteo Renzi withdrew his party from the ruling coalition.

Renzi pulled out his Italia Viva party from the coalition due to his concerns regarding the government’s expenditure with the EU recovery funds.

He also accused Conte of seeking personal power over the financial reserve while shutting out the small party.

Some officials and critics said that Mattarella might still ask Conte to form a stronger third coalition government.

However, opponents could attempt breaking the impasse if they would call for snap elections, two years early.

“The President of the Republic is reserving his decision and has asked the government to stay in office for the management of ordinary affairs,” the presidential palace said in its statement.

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