Turkish Ship Hijacked by Pirates off West Africa, 1 Dead, 15 Kidnapped

Pirates have attacked a Turkish cargo ship, killed one sailor, and taken 15 hostages while it was sailing from Lagos to Cape Town.

Pirates have attacked the Liberian-flagged M/V Mozart, a Turkish cargo ship, killed one sailor and taken 15 hostages while it was sailing from Lagos to Cape Town.

Turkey’s Maritime Directorate said the man who was killed was Farman Ismayilov an engineer from Azerbaijan while the kidnapped men were Turkish. 

“The owners and operators of the M/V Mozart, which was hijacked at gunpoint in the Gulf of Guinea, have regretfully confirmed that one of its crew has been killed and others abducted,” said the directorate.

According to the Directorate, the crew retreated to a safe area but the pirates forced entry after six hours. 

The pirates left the ship disabled with only the navigation functioning in the Gulf of Guinea with three sailors aboard before it reached Gabon. 

“The ship is in our waters and our sailors are assisting a few nautical miles from Port Gentil,” said Gabon’s presidency spokesman Jessye Ella Ekogha.

Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister said they have negotiated the release of the abducted crewmen but have not received a response. 

“We are continuing coordinated negotiations for the release. The pirates have yet to make any response,” said Cavosolgu. 

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