Indonesia Seizes Iranian and Panamanian Ships

Indonesia has seized Iranian and Panamanian ships allegedly transferring oil illegally on the nation’s waters, on Sunday.

Authorities said Iranian-flagged MT Horse was caught transferring oil to Panamanian-flagged MT Freya.

The Indonesian Coast Guard wrote on Twitter, “Initial allegations were that the two tankers violated the right of transit passage on ALKI I by leaving the 25NM ALKI limit & anchoring outside the ALKI.”

The ALKI or the Indonesian Archipelago Sea Channel gives rights of passage to foreign vessels or aircrafts traversing Indonesian waters, following regulations.

In a statement, Coast guard spokesperson Wisnu Pramandita said, “The tankers, first detected at 5:30 a.m. local time (2130 GMT on Jan. 23) concealed their identity by not showing their national flags, turning off automatic identification systems and did not respond to a radio call.”

Wisnu reported that authorities saw oil spill and that there are now 61 crew members being questioned.

The spokesperson also said that the vessels will be taken to Batam island for investigation.

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