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Thursday, January 21, 2021

WHO Team Arrives in Wuhan to Investigate COVID-19 Origin

A team of World Health Organization (WHO) scientists arrived in the central China city of Wuhan for a COVID-19 tracing mission.

A team of World Health Organization (WHO) scientists arrived in the central China city of Wuhan for a COVID-19 tracing mission to understand the origins of the virus.

The team arrived after months-long negotiations and disapproval from Beijing.

Some of the WHO team were already on their way to China a week ago but were refused after Beijing announced they hadn’t received valid visas.

According to the WHO, all 15 members had tested negative for the disease before leaving their home countries but two members were found to have antibodies after being tested in Singapore and were asked to remain.

The WHO team will undergo a two-week quarantine as well as a throat swab test and an antibody test for COVID-19 in China but they are slated to start work as soon as they are quarantined.

“I don’t think we will have clear answers after this initial mission, but we will be on the way,” said Team leader Peter Ben Embarek.

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