Avalanche in Russian Ski Resort Kills 3

An avalanche swept through a ski resort outside of Norilsk overnight during the weekend and left at least 3 people dead.

An avalanche swept through the Otdelnaya Gora ski resort outside of Norilsk overnight last Saturday and left at least 3 people dead.

The avalanche covered about 300 square meters, crushing huts, and burying several people in the snow.

All of the resort buildings were reportedly unoccupied at the time of the avalanche except for one hut.

A 38-year-old woman, her 45-year-old husband and their 18-month-old child died while their 14-year old son suffered from frostbite.

All guests have already been found by search and rescue teams which included more than 200 people and 29 vehicles.

Russia’s Investigative Committee said it has already opened a criminal probe to determine if the buildings’ owners had adequate safety measures in place. 

Norilsk often gets huge snowstorms, including blizzards, and experiences avalanches from time to time. 

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