Singapore Confirms 31 new COVID-19 Cases, 1 Suspected B117 strain

There has been one confirmed case of a new COVID-19 strain in Singapore.

There has been one confirmed case of a new COVID-19 strain in Singapore.

The new strain is known to be more contagious than the previous one.

The patient is a 17-year-old Singaporean girl who had studied in the United Kingdom.

According to the Health Ministry, the National Public Health Laboratory is performing viral genomic sequencing for the B117 strain that is circulating in the United Kingdom.

There has been a total of 31 imported cases from Europe, who has arrived in Singapore between Nov 17 and Dec 17 that were reported to have the virus this month.

Among them, 12 were not infected with the B117 strain, and one patient, which was identified as Case 58,504, has been found to be carrying the strain.

Overall, the number of new cases in Singapore has remained low, with a total of one such case in the past week.

With 18 cases discharged on Wednesday, 58,307 patients have reported to have fully recovered from COVID-19.

A total of 34 patients currently remain in hospital.

None of these patients are in intensive care while 97 patients are recuperating in community facilities.

Singapore has had 29 deaths from Covid-19 complications so far, while 15 who have tested positive have died due to other causes.

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