Indonesia Bans Radical Islamic Defender’s Front group

Indonesia has banned the hardline Islamic Defender’s Front.

Indonesia has banned the hardline Islamic Defender’s Front.

The Islamic Defender’s Front was disbanded last year as a mass organization. 

However, it had continued to carry out activities that violate order and security, said Mohammad Mahfud, the Security Affairs Minister.

The government had also prohibited the use of the FPI, the known acroynym for the group, and the group’s symbols and attributes.

After the ban FPI follows, the group’s head, Islamic cleric Rizieq Shihab, was arrested earlier this month.

Shihab has turned himself over to police after holding several large events to celebrate his return from a three-year self-imposed exile in Saudi Arabia. 

These events had breached the coronavirus pandemic safety measures. 

His return has fueled concerns within government that he could be fueling the flame of the opposition forces.

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