Japan and South Korea Face Widespread COVID-19 Resurgence

Japan and South Korea mark record COVID-19 cases sparking fears of another wave.

Japan and South Korea mark record  COVID-19 cases sparking fears of another wave.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency reported that the COVID-19 death toll was now at 634 after 22 patients died in the past 24 hours and added more than 1,000 infections.

In Japan, the national tally for Wednesday reached around 3,000, the second-highest number recorded in the country while the total number of infected persons is 188,000.

Japan now has 20 deaths per million people, and Korea has 12 while the seven-day rolling average for new infections from December 12 puts Japan at 20 and Korea at 15.

According to Lee Hyuk-min, an infectious diseases expert at Yonsei University, the surge happened because people have become too complacent. 

Japanese authorities are now asking people in hard-hit zones which are in the metropolitan areas to stay home as much as possible and establishments to close early.

As for Korean, the government is considering raising social distancing restrictions to maximum levels which could eventually lead to another lockdown.

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