Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Forcibly Removed to Remote Island

Some of the thousands of Rohingya that were being shipped to a remote island had been forced to go, despite the government’s denial to the accusations made against them.

Humanitarian workers and refugees have claimed that the Bangladeshi government have forced the Rohingya to go to a remote and uninhabited island in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi authorities have denied these accusations made against them as they said that none of the Rohingya were coerced into this.

One of the workers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the government officials pressured the refugees and used threats and offers of cash and other enticements to convince them to go to the island.

Meanwhile, an unnamed senior foreign ministry official said that the refugees were being moved because there was little prospect of repatriating them to Myanmar.

More than 300 refugees were sent to the island earlier this year after several months at sea in their attempt to escape Bangladesh. 

Human rights groups claim that they are being held against their will and that they have complained of human rights violations.

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