Armed Gangs Attack Brazillian City of Criciúma

A crime gang attacked the coastal city of Criciúma, robbed several banks, and took people hostage.

A crime gang attacked the coastal city of Criciúma, robbong a bank, and taking people hostage. 

According to Mayor Clésio Salvaro, the 30 heavily armed people were positioned across the city and utilized as many as 10 cars.

“Criciúma is the target of a major assault. Together with the military authorities and security forces, we continue to monitor and follow the facts. Stay at home,” said Salvaro during the assault.

Salvaro added that the suspects took six hostages and also tried to obstruct BR-101, in the Tubarão tunnel.

The Military Police of Criciúma reported that two people were injured during the attack, a PM and a guard.

According to Lt. Col. Cristian Dimitri Andrade, from the 9th Battalion, the attack ended at around 2:30 am.

Military Police, Civil Police, Federal Highway Police (PRF), and Santa Catarina Special Police Operations Battalion launched an operation to capture the suspects. 

At around 6 AM, four people believed to be involved in the heist had been arrested carrying some of the money that was stolen.

Some of the cash that was stolen from the bank were also scattered in the city streets while the suspects were fleeing but some were taken by residents. 

The cars used in the robbery were later found in a cornfield on a private property in Nova Veneza, northwest of Criciúma while 30 kilograms of explosives were left behind in the bank.

Authorities are still unsure about the profile of the suspects but local news outlets speculate that they may be Robin Hood-style bandits called cangaço. 

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