Russia Accuses West of ‘Gross Interference’ in Belarus

Russia has accused the West of interfering in the affairs of Belarus, on Thursday.

Russia has accused the West of interfering in the affairs of Belarus, on Thursday. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Belarus capital Minsk to meet with Belarus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei, to discuss bilateral relations and international agenda. 

In a press conference, Lavrov said there were, “Numerous facts of gross interference by the United States and certain EU capitals in the internal affairs of sovereign states using dirty methods of color revolutions, including manipulating public opinion, supporting openly anti-government forces, and promoting their radicalization.”

“We can see a hostile attitude towards Russia and Belarus. We have encountered attempts to influence internal processes in our countries. Western leaders are not hiding this. We have a Union State. We have the means to defend ourselves,” the Russian foreign minister also said. 

The European Union has condemned the human rights violations committed in the Belarus protests, denouncing the win of President Alexander Lukashenko. The EU has also imposed sanctions on the President and other top officials. 

“We are concerned about attempts by Western countries to establish control over international organisations. They try to replace collective work in universal formats with private get-togethers. It’s hardly possible to make us follow these rules,” Lavrov added. 

The Russian foreign minister also met with Lukashenko saying the two countries share the same interest with regards to strengthening their bilateral relations. 

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