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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Renewed Clashes in Kashmir Leave 11 dead

Renewed fighting between Indian and Pakistani troops in the Kashmir region has left 11 dead and at least 30 wounded.

Renewed fighting between Indian and Pakistani troops in the Kashmir region has left 11 dead and at least 30 wounded. 

At least five clashes, both shelling and gunfire were reported along the Kashmir area in various districts.

The Indian side reported that two soldiers were killed by Pakistani mortars in the Nambla sector in Baramulla district while a Border Security Force (BSF) sub-inspector was also killed in the Haji Peer sector.

There were also two civilians that were reported wounded during the Haji Peer shelling while more were reported elsewhere after Pakistani gunfire and shelling struck civilian areas.  

“Pakistan used mortars and other weapons and deliberately targeted civilian areas”, said the Indian army.

In retaliation, the Indian forces launched artillery barrages on the Pakistani side. 

Pakistan reported 7 soldiers, including two SSG (Special Service Group) commandos that have been killed during the counter strike while and 12 were injured. 

The Indian defense forces posted videos of  Pakistani army bunkers, fuel dumps, and launchpads being destroyed by their artillery.

“(India )retaliated strongly causing substantial damage to the Pakistan army’s infrastructure and casualties,” added the Indian army.

In response to the escalating violence,  Pakistan’s Foreign Office has summoned a senior Indian diplomat to file a protest and accused them of violating the ceasefire once again.

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