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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Netherlands, Germany Order Culls in Farms Due to Bird Flu Outbreak

Dutch and German authorities have ordered culls of thousands of chickens in various poultry farms in an attempt to contain the bird flu outbreak.

Dutch and German authorities have ordered culls of thousands of chickens in various poultry farms in an attempt to contain the bird flu outbreak.

Dutch authorities have ordered two farms — one in the town of Puiflijk and one nearby — to cull 200,000 chickens after finding the H5N8 strain of the avian influenza.

The order comes a month after Netherlands — Europe’s largest exporter of chicken meat and eggs — had its first bird flu outbreak for this year, which led to a cull of 35,700 chickens.

German authorities have also ordered a farm in Nordfriesland in the Scheswig-Holstein state to cull the chickens infected with the same strain.

The affected Dutch farms are located outside the city of Nijmegen, 30 kilometers away from the German border.

Containment zones have been set up around the Dutch and German farms and authorities have urged the farmers to keep the poultry indoors.

German public broadcaster NDR also reported that over 1,000 wild birds on the coast of Nordfriesland were found dead, most likely due to the same virus.

Last Nov. 2, England had an outbreak and ordered the cull of 13,000 birds in a farm in Frodsham, Cheshire.

Last October, Russia also detected H5N8 in migratory birds and ordered a large cull in the farms in the Kostroma region.

Health officials said that the H5N8 posed a low risk for humans but advised to avoid touching the infected birds. They also said that it posed low food safety risk as chicken and eggs are safe to eat if cooked thoroughly, killing the virus.

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